Air Quality Educational Materials

WCAS is pleased to share our FREE air quality learning materials developed for educators by educators, including:

  • ready-to-go classroom PowerPoint (PPT) presentations;
  • accompanying Teacher’s Guides, including classroom activities; 
  • slide-by-slide Teaching Scripts to support the delivery of the PPT presentations; and
  • a fun and engaging air quality “Jeopardy” summative assessment PPT game (Grade 5’s only).

As an additional bonus, WCAS  has recorded the delivery of our PPT presentation by an Air Quality expert as an easy-to-use alternative to live-teacher delivery. These Youtube video recordings (one for Module 1 and one for Module 2) are available free of charge by request – contact us by email and we’ll send you the links. We hope that you and your students enjoy the content and activities that follow. Your feedback and suggestions are important – please email us at and tell us what you think!

GRADE 5: WHAT’S WEATHER GOT TO DO WITH IT? A Unit on Air Quality, Our Health & the Environment

GRADE 9: FROM EMISSIONS TO EXPOSURE – A Unit on Air Quality & Environmental Chemistry


Video Resources






Print-Ready Resources

Print-Ready WCAS Information Cards

Other Activities

Download and assemble your own WCAS “Particle Catcher” – play with friends, family, and classmates while learning about the Air Quality Health Index and what it means to your health.

Detailed folding instructions included.