Airsheds and Artists: Raising Air Quality Awareness

WCAS has partnered in a creative initiative with Canadian Women in Design (CWID). We’ve commissioned an original artwork by talented CWID designer and Hinton-raised artist Mariah Barnaby-Norris to cover our Hinton Hillcrest air monitoring station.

By transforming an industrial-looking monitoring station into a captivating focal point, WCAS hopes to engage its Airshed communities in creative ways that inspire conversations about air quality.

Watch the behind-the-scenes in this creative collaboration and air monitoring station transformation below:


“We believe that air monitoring stations not only provide reliable air quality data, but can add beauty and inspiration to our surroundings.” Gary Redmond, WCAS Executive Director

“You are so close to mountains, forests, trails, rivers, and lakes… it’s literally endless. I took inspiration from the native flowers and plants of Alberta and the wildlife that I saw while I was growing up there. I wanted to show an idyllic environment unaffected by climate change and air pollution.” Mariah Barnaby-Norris, CWID Designer

“Air quality is a priority in Hinton, especially since this station is located within the town where thousands of community members live. Air quality data from the station allows the community to understand the overall air quality and to make choices regarding their outdoor activities on poor air quality days.” Robert Chrobak, WCAS Operations Manager