Click on the map icons to access near-real time hourly readings from the monitoring stations and microsensors in the WCAS region. 

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The parameters measured at each station are summarized in the following table – click here to learn more about what they are and why we monitor for them.


Things to remember:


  • The data are recorded in Mountain Standard Time. Data are generally indicative of ambient conditions but it is raw data. Our quality controls validate the information and then it is stored in a Government of Alberta Air Data Warehouse.
  • If there are breaks in the data, it simply means data was not recorded for that time period. Often, this is due to scheduled equipment maintenance or calibrations being made at that time.
  • From time to time data points may be removed after they have been found to be in error due to instrument malfunction.
  • Negative numbers that may appear have not yet been referenced to the daily zero check.