Click on the reports below for air quality data in the WCAS region.


WCAS Data Reports

Every year WCAS compiles detailed, comprehensive Annual Data Reports. These reports include summaries of exceedances, long-term trends and much more. The technical reports are available exclusively to WCAS Members.  Click here to find out more about how to become a member or contact us for more information.

2023 WCAS Annual Report to the Community

Read our 2023 Annual Report to the Community to learn about recent air quality trends and our regional education and outreach initiatives.


2023 Alberta Airsheds Air Quality Report

Alberta Airsheds Council has prepared the 2023 Alberta Airsheds Air Quality Report to provide a summary of the air quality data that is monitored and collected in our province by Alberta’s Airsheds, including WCAS.

This information is important to share with Albertans because air quality affects our health and our environment.


Understanding air quality and its impacts helps Albertans make educated choices related to their health.


Air Quality Issues Management