The WCAS Strategic Plan captures, in a single document, what WCAS is about and what it seeks to achieve over the next year.


Every year WCAS Board updates the Strategic Plan. 

The current plan includes the following goals:

Goal #1 – Air quality data, representative of the airshed and compliant with Alberta’s Air Monitoring Directive, is collected and available to all stakeholders.

Objectives: • Be a conduit for the public and stakeholders to access air quality data • Investigate and make effective use of available technologies and methodologies • Assure monitoring is compliant with Air Monitoring Directive and is informed by AEP’s Five-Year Monitoring Plan.

Goal #2 – Increase general awareness of regional air quality

Objectives: • Promote a better understanding of regional air quality • Promote WCAS as a trusted, credible source of air quality information • Support members in their role of informing their audiences about air quality


Goal #3 – Facilitate multi-stakeholder approaches to addressing local air quality issues

Objectives: • Respond to concerns about local air quality issues with appropriate information • Provide science-based data to inform air quality issues • Identify strategic opportunities for collaboration • Actively participate on management initiatives led by partner organizations that align with WCAS goals

Goal #4 – WCAS has the necessary organizational capacity to meet its objectives.

Objectives: • Ensure WCAS has effective governance, strong management, and makes the best use of its talented human resources • Further the Alberta Airshed model by participating and providing leadership with the Alberta Airsheds Council • Speak for WCAS’s interests on the AAC and through liaison with other partner organizations • Increase sector-balanced membership in the WCAS • Ensure WCAS is sustainably funded • Maintain and enhance relations with all orders of government • Define membership expectations and costs • Enhance capacity/interest in consensus building and interest-based negotiation