We can all help make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

What can you do to reduce air pollution and improve air quality?

Stop Needless Idling

Did you know…

Excessive idling of vehicles increases emissions of chemicals and particulate matter that negatively affect air quality.

60 Seconds or Less is Best

Help us raise awareness about the effects of excessive idling. Join us in taking the 60 Seconds or Less Pledge today!

For more information on why “60 Seconds or Less is Best” for both air quality and your wallet, visit the Alberta Airsheds Council website.

Download these Idle Free Tool Kits for your school, business and community:


Don’t Idle on the Bench

End the Horror of Mindless Idling

Learn more about keeping the air healthy, saving fuel and money, and driving smarter with these free downloadable resources.


Burn Less Often and Burn Better


Wood smoke, whether from wildfires or campfires, contains particulate matter and chemical compounds. These contaminants have consequences for our health and air quality.

WCAS Wood Smoke Fact Sheet

Breathing in wood smoke can be dangerous. Download West Central Airshed Society’s Wood Smoke Factsheet to learn more about the impacts of wood smoke on your health.

WCAS Burning Better Factsheet

What do we do about the health impacts of wood smoke? Burn less often. When you do burn, burn better. Download West Central Airshed Society’s Burning Better Factsheet to learn how.