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The Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) provides the framework within which the West Central Airshed Society (WCAS) and other airshed zones operate. CASA is a provincial alliance formed to provide the strategic management of air quality in Alberta, with senior representatives from government, industry, and non-government organizations. It operates by consensus but is directly accountable to the Ministers of Environment, Resource Development, and Health and Wellness. CASA stakeholders work together to develop practical and innovative responses to air quality issues. Air Quality Management within airsheds is one such approach.

The Regional, airshed approach works well for problems that are regional in nature and allows those within a region to work together to resole air quality issues. The CASA document, "Zone Air Quality Management Guidelines" sets our the vision and principles of the Alliance under which airshed zones operate. Airshed zones follow the CASA model of consensus decision-making, in which stakeholders try to resolve their concerns in a collaborative manner. CASA also invites representative from the WCAS and other airshed zones to join in CASA projects and working groups, where appropriate.

In 2004, the WCAS participated on the CASA Airshed Zones Project Team, whose main task was to complete a new set of guidelines for the development of airshed zones in Alberta. The Society is always willing to share its experiences with others who are interested in forming a zone, and has encouraged the development of several airshed zones in the province. WCAS continues as a standing member of the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System Operations Steering Committee, which is seeking to improve the data management handling capabilites of CASA and Alberta Environment and Parks.

For more on the CASA visit their web site at www.casahome.org. Or for the CASA Data Warehouse www.casadata.org.

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